We have built a tremendous community around The Montgomery Summit over the past decade and we are so excited to be hosting you in a few short weeks in Santa Monica. Today I spoke with colleagues from around the world who are traveling to Santa Monica for the Summit and they all shared my enthusiasm (reflected in their willingness to travel up to 9000 miles to attend the Summit). Why are they coming, you ask?

To gain an insider perspective on the disruption of multibillion dollar industries: Andy Jassy of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is arguably the most disruptive force in the Information Technology World. AWS is a $4B infrastructure as service platform which enables companies to start, scale and operate. Patrick Soon-Shiong has revolutionized healthcare treatment with the technology to identify and personalize medical treatment. Fred Luddy disrupted the software industry and created a $10B company with ServiceNow. Evan Spiegel is only 24 years old and has created a $10B company in Snapchat. They’ll all be here to keynote, and you can come hear them speak, meet them and hang out with them.

Insight into the key technology trends for 2015: We’re delving deep into a few select areas this year with our panels, including:

  • Cybersecurity: the corporate threats and responses, funding trends and insights from the government on the true nature of the threats.
  • The Uses of Big Data: how and for what purposes is big data being utilized with insights from Walmart and other major users.
  • Mobile Monetization: all the eyeballs are moving towards mobile, how and when does this show in mobile advertisement or commerce – challenges and opportunities to build multibillion dollar platforms in a “mobile first” environment.

Meet the next breakout companies: You’re kidding yourself if you’re not looking for the next Facebook, Splunk, Oculus or other “unicorn”. Here’s a tip for your scavenger hunt – the best place to look is where the “unicorns” have debut over the past decade. Our team, in conjunction with our sponsors, has spent the last year reviewing over 2000 companies to curate the lineup of 150 presenting companies. There are a few unicorns in the mix and the only way to meet them is to attend the Summit. Prove to your kids that you’re up with it, don’t miss out on the technology revolution!

How do you see a bunch of people you want to see from across the country (or world) without getting caught in a snow storm in Chicago or New York? I have a view that there are approximately 5000 people who really matter in the technology community. We spend a lot of time trying to determine who they are, and making sure they are invited to the Summit. Our system is not perfect but it is selective. If you get this email, you are one of the 5000! We will have presenting companies from over 20 states and we are excited to welcome a group of companies from Israel, Canada, Germany, UK and India. I have to tell you, going to Santa Monica is a lot easier than going to Mumbai – we have done the work for you!

We are going to have fun again this year. There were will be a series of welcome parties on the evening of Monday March 9th hosted by our sponsors and partners, including a Female Founders event, a Young Entrepreneurs event, a Presenting Companies event and many other hosted events, all within walking distance of the Fairmont Miramar. On Tuesday March 10th we will have our gala reception in the Bungalow Club. It will be a good one! I don’t know how we spend over $300,000 per year on food and alcohol but we do.

Rumor has it I can actually make money at the Montgomery Summit. Past results provide no guarantee of future performance but those who participated in the inaugural “Moneyball” in 2014 will see an excellent return on their investment. Moneyball 2015 will be hosted on Tuesday March 10th at 5.30pm. Come participate in an Angel List syndicate for the winning company that has been vetted and then selected by our panel of world-class investors. Better yet, according to our counsel, it’s legal. Our sponsor Silverado Vineyards will provide refreshments during the competition. Our advice is to take the $10,000 you would spend on attending the Re/Code Conference and invest it in Moneyball! Ouch – I hope Walt and Kara aren’t reading this.

There are so many more reasons to attend including the 1-1 meetings, the private sessions, meeting the leading journalists from the WSJ, NY Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and CNN, or attending the newly invigorated Salons.

Please reach out to me or any of my team for any assistance in registration or any questions. Don’t wait too long to register – prices go up, the hotels fill up and you may miss out on 1-1 meetings.

I hope you can join us in Santa Monica on March 10th and 11th. It’s going to be a cracker!


– Jamie

Cover image credit Bryan Sides – http://bryansides.com/2012/12/santa-monica-pier/santa-monica-pier-at-sunset-2/