Returning to the New Normal- Insights from Governor Burgum

The current economic and public health crisis has drastically changed the way that business in America will be conducted, how technology is being deployed and utilized to support distributed workforces, and how economic development may occur across the broader geography of America. An open question for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs revolves around what opportunities will be created in the “new normal.” Early signals and patterns are emerging about the future as years of change have been accelerated into weeks and months.
We are pleased to host a discussion in partnership with March Capital Partners about Returning to the New Normal: Insights from Governor Doug Burgum on Thursday, May 21st at 9:00-10:00 AM PDT. This interview will be part of our series of insights from business and government leaders on the evolving situation and what life could resemble post-pandemic.
Governor Burgum is the 33rd Governor of North Dakota and is the most experienced and successful entrepreneur and investor to be in a U.S. political leadership position right now. He will share his unique perspectives with us as one of the first states in America to “open up.” He will be interviewed by Rich Karlgaard, Editor at Large and Futurist for Forbes Media. Rich is also a native of North Dakota and the author of several books including Life 2.0, which predicted the future efficacy and prevalence of remote work.
The discussion will explore the key trade-offs that North Dakota had to balance in its decision to re-open, the use of technology for tracking and tracing, and provide insights into the federal-state government cooperation during the crisis. States in the U.S. have been delegated tremendous authority in deciding how and when to open their economies, which could be a forerunner to competition between states for economic development. We will address the impact and opportunities for the North Dakota economy, drawing on Governor Burgum’s experience from building a multi-billion-dollar software company in Fargo, ND and his success in motivating the private sector to build one of the most advanced broadband networks in the country.
Following the interview, there will be an opportunity for Q&A from the audience. This discussion will be conducted via video conference, so we encourage you to please join the call via Zoom to submit questions.

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