The Montgomery Summit is pleased to announce a partnership with Anheuser-Busch for the 2016 Summit.

Check out an exclusive Q & A with Michael Scissons, Global Head of eCommerce, Anheuser-Busch InBev below:

Tell us about your path as an entrepreneur?

My father likes to tell a story about how I began my career in lemonade when I was seven. What started as a single stand became my little lemonade stand empire after I realized I could make more profit hiring my friends to work multiple stands in the neighbourhood. From there, I ran several of my own businesses (a computer support company, an event management company) before graduating university. Following that, I worked to bring Facebook ad sales to Canada for Interpublic. It was an exciting time in the early growth stage, but after a couple of years it was time to start out on my own again. Two companies later (a social media technology company and a photography platform), my contacts at ABI asked me to act as Entrepreneur in Residence, creating new business ideas to shake convention from within. That relationship expanded when the company created the Disruptive Growth Organization and asked me to build out a global eCommerce team. I am always thinking about the next big idea. It’s interesting to apply that thinking within a massive global organization.

What is your role within AB?

I am the global head of eCommerce, which is part of the Disruptive Growth Organization. We created ZX Ventures as a start-up company within ABI. My team works on anything that we sell online, whether it’s beer, branded merchandise, or our partnerships with online retailers, couriers, etc. The area of focus varies significantly by country, based on legalities and market opportunities. My role is to continue to push for new ways to give consumers access to the products they want, when and where they want them. 

How does AB approach innovation?

Innovation is a critical area of focus within ABI. As an organization, we are constantly evaluating new ways to improve upon and grow our business. The Disruptive Growth Organization was created to put significant emphasis on breaking free from the usual and it reflects the importance our board and CEO place on innovative, forward-thinking. 

What emerging technology companies are catching your attention?

I am definitely interested in companies focused on Commerce, ID verification, logistics,, retail analytics, etc. Technologies that can help us connect consumers more efficiently with what they want is top of mind for me. 

Why does AB value a partnership with the Montgomery Summit?

The Montgomery Summit represents the best of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our partnership is important in terms of continuing to support that legacy and fostering new ideas between thought leaders. The opportunity to learn from such a diverse pool of innovators across a wide range of industries is invaluable.