Let’s Get Intimate with Salons at The Montgomery Summit

This year, we are excited to host a series of engaging and exclusive Salons covering key topics and trends in technology and investment. Learn from world-renowned entrepreneurs, technologists, and writers in intimate discussions on the topics you care about. Salon attendance will be strictly capped. Conference guests will be able to reserve space in Salons online starting March 3.

The Key Factors for Startup Success

Bill Gross, Founder and CEO of Idealab

What factors have the greatest impact on a startup’s chances for success? Find out what really matters when you’re building a business—and why—in this Salon with Bill Gross. The first factor is timing, so be sure to sign up early!

Back Office in the Cloud

A new crop of cloud-based companies is bringing the back-office into the 21st century with software that is elegantly designed, consumer-inspired and easy-to-use. Hear from the CEOs of companies like Expensify, Bill.com, and ZenPayroll that are giving every business access to the high-quality, sophisticated tools once reserved for Big Business with deep pockets.

Relationship Building for Success

with Keith Ferrazzi, Founder and CEO, FerrazziGreenlight
presented by Relationship Science

Strong relationships are the foundation of personal and professional growth and success. Explore how you can mindfully develop and strengthen key relationships in your life during this discussion with Keith Ferrazzi, #1 New York Times Best-selling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back.

The Future of “Reality”

with Paul Debevec, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
presented by USC Viterbi School of Engineering

How have virtual reality technologies changed the fabric of modern media production, and how will virtual and augmented reality technologies reshape our world in the coming years? Learn more about the changing face of “reality” with Paul Debevec, who’s research underpins some of the most impressive digital graphics feats of Hollywood.

Plugs, Passion and Propulsion: The modern EV love story

presented by Audi

Technology is eating the world, and your car is the next course. Get a sneak peek at the cutting-edge technologies that will define the next generation of smart, connected automobiles.

Liquidity and IPOs

presented by Liquidnet

For better or for worse, the most visible marker of a company’s success is a major liquidity event. If you want to prove your company is ready for the Big Leagues, try taking it public. If you want to find out how to maintain liquidity before an IPO or between fundraising rounds, sign up for this salon.

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