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Venice, CA
ZERO lives at the intersection of technology and creativity. Our team of passionate and experienced artists, producers and technologists utilize ZERO’s custom visual effects pipeline to deliver unique commercial and feature film work. We don’t silo the participants – a commercial may require the spectacle of a blockbuster, and a film benefits from the thinking behind a short and snappy spot. Technology builds from this creativity and at the same time helps to inform solutions, some which can be productized into standalone IP. Innovation plays a big part in this – in 2011, ZERO launched the world’s first completely cloud-based rendering solution, ZYNC, which was sold to Google in 2014 and continues to play a major role in virtually all large productions today. ZERO itself opened its doors in 2010 to promote artistic innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Whether working on commercial campaigns for Toyota, Samsonite, Ocean Spray, Bose, and Klondike or feature film like Patriots Day, The Magnificent Seven, and Ghostbusters, we strive for nothing short of excellence. Currently employing a team of 75, each year has shown substantial growth of both revenue and profitability, even while growing ZERO’s physical footprint. A recent expansion to offices in Los Angeles continues this consistent and substantial year over year growth. The result? New stories and new technology that influence large audiences.