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Long Beach, CA
COMPANY BIO As the first AI/cloud software for student finance management and actionable analytics, Vocado provides higher education institutions with the ability to significantly improve student finance administration — the most complex, costly, and highest student complaint-generating process. Vocado brings Fintech to EdTech with comprehensive intelligent automation for the $250 billion annual student finance market, delivering highly reliable, consistent, and compliant results to: – Streamline operations (processing effort and cycle time) – Enable new academic & funding models – Improve student outcomes and experience – Assure regulatory compliance Until now, software solutions for higher education have been stubbornly parked in the past, involving significant manual processes making it both, difficult and costly to keep up with increasingly complex and ever-changing financial aid rules and regulations, and too slow to address students’ requirements. Furthermore, most software solutions are not able to address the new flexible (and far more complex) academic models to accommodate the 21st learner. Vocado is designed specifically to automate all academic models giving in situations the flexibility to embrace new learning models (online and offline). Using AI, Vocado creates a paradigm shift in the type and the way student finance and academic data is collected and managed. Each student’s finance and academic data & events are managed individually, automatically, and in real-time — providing visibility into a student’s entire program supporting better informed financial decisions and enabling actionable analytics that identify and improve the institution’s ability to help “at risk” students. COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS – Potential to unlock over a $1billion plus in market efficiency. – AI/cloud software with real-time integration and management of student finance data and student lifecycle event triggers. – Only solution to simultaneously support multiple academic learning models: Term, Nonstandard Term, Non Term, & Competency-Based Education. – Student finance rules and decisional processes tested with over 250,000 different test cases to ensure an unprecedented level of automation & compliance. – Real-time data integrated on the Vocado platform enables unique ability to perform predictive/prescriptive analytics on student lifecycle patterns, driving proactive actions to improve student outcomes and institutional performance. – 100% of Department of Education regulations, those of 50 U.S. States, and thousands of private scholarship funds, are codified and maintained in a configurator to easily adopt rule changes.