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Twinstrand Biosciences

Seattle, WA
TwinStrand Biosciences is leading the way in identifying rare genetic variants that are undetectable by standard sequencing methods. The company’s highly-sensitive and specific Duplex Sequencing technology delivers clearer insights to researchers and clinicians in applications ranging from residual cancer detection to genetic toxicology to tracking cutting-edge cellular therapies. This data can inform critical decisions in clinical medicine, public health and other fields of science on a faster timescale, where actions are most impactful. TwinStrand’s scientist-leaders have authored more than a dozen peer-reviewed articles using Duplex Sequencing and have developed a portfolio of more than 70 patents and patent applications. The company has partnered with pharmaceutical companies, academic centers, clinical research networks and federal regulatory agencies to bring high precision genomics to the forefront of their science. For more information visit www.twinstrandbio.com.