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San Francisco, CA
Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform simplifies the orchestration of complex, enterprise-level business processes with a truly no-code interface. Tonkean allows non-technical teams to quickly build solutions that monitor, manage, and automate mission-critical business processes across systems and people. It abstracts the technical knowledge needed to connect data sources, maintain process state, implement complex logic, work with people, and more. Tonkean enables business teams to create custom workflows, while simultaneously ensuring that IT and engineering maintain governance. This allows business teams to be more self-sufficient and offload custom build requests for internal processes from the IT and engineering backlog. From mid-size companies to Fortune 100 enterprises like Microsoft, TripActions, EVERSANA and Hopper, businesses all over the world are leveraging Tonkean as an OS for Operations Teams to optimize, accelerate, and align their operations across functions—including sales, marketing, customer support, legal, finance, and more.