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Portland, OR
thatDot is the company behind https://quine.io — the world’s first Streaming Graph. Our mission is to turn high-volume data into high value data by enabling data engineers to build data pipelines dramatically faster and with profound new capabilities. This is possible for the first time because of the 8 years of R&D that have gone into creating a streaming graph interpreter capable of doing complex graph-structured analysis on event streams of more than 1,000,000 events per second. With Quine Enterprise on the thatDot Platform, the start of the art has advanced several orders of magnitude… and is only getting started. Key use cases: – Connect and interpret multiple data streams at once. – Cybersecurity: Build next generation XDR platforms to perform complex analysis on live event data and stop breaches before the attacker can steal your data. – Financial: Find and stop fraud in microseconds! Update risk calculations in real-time. – Real-time Novelty Detection for Categorical Data. Measure how unusual each piece of data is. Reduce data processing time and costs by prioritizing only the novel data that’s worth it.