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Space Hero

London, England
Space Hero is your gateway to the incredible world of Space through New Media. Among the foray of private and public players, Space Hero’s mission is to break barriers and create avenues for greater participation by the Public, bringing Millions of People into the New Space economy. Space Hero is your partner to help navigate the market of Next Generation Space explorers, working together to grow your global community, fan base and audience, delivering content from leading media producers directly to your viewers through constant engagement. We harness our global network to deliver the best to our partners. Through new media, Space Hero will help advance humanity and continue the ground-breaking progresses in Space Exploration. Founding Partners, Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass have spent their Careers in the Media, Entertainment and Tech sectors. Building, creating, launching and working with some of the most disruptive products and brands around the globe. Collectively they have lived and worked in China, US, UK, Australia, Germany and West Africa. The team is charging up for a series of events, partnerships and announcements. “For decades to come, Space Hero will connect and mobilize global audiences through gamification, VR/AR, APPs, science, tech and education to Space, through New Media. This is the penultimate movement to stop acting selfishly and begin to act for humanity” Thomas Reemer, Founder Space fills our imagination! It’s simple, Space is our universal frontier that we should discover together.