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Sidecar Health

El Segundo, CA
Sidecar Health is an app-based health insurance product that puts people in the drivers’ seat for their health. Through our app, members know the cost of care and their coverage. They see any doctor they want and pay doctors when they get care with a payment card that pulls money directly from our claims account. Our approach saves members money, makes it easy for providers, and eliminates surprise bills. Best of all, members save 40% on insurance and care compared to traditional plans because we remove the administrative overhead associated with traditional insurance. And while Sidecar Health’s coverage is incredibly robust – covering 170,000 medical services and Rx – it can be customized to fit any need and budget. Launched in mid-2019, Sidecar Health has regulatory approval and is available to 100 million Americans across 9 states. The company is looking to scale in 2020.