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Runway AI

New York, NY
Runway is building the next generation creative suite – the generative suite – which empowers teams and professionals with the fastest way to create and edit videos and images. We believe that AI applied to audiovisual content will forever change art, creativity, and design tools. Today, less than 1% of online content is generated using AI. Within the next 5 years, we posit 50% of online content will be generated by or augmented by AI. Runway is an applied AI research company. Since 2018, Runway has been at the forefront of many crucial AI developments including research on multimodal models such as Stable Diffusion which we released in 2022. Runway is building a generative suite to serve the tens of millions of creative users that exist today, and to lower the barrier of creation so that we can serve the next billion users that will become creators. To date, we have raised over $46M from Coatue, Amplify Partners, Lux Capital, and Compound to execute on our mission.