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Philadelphia, PA
RJMetrics is a company on a mission to inspire and empower data-driven people. We are the creators of RJMetrics CloudBI, a cloud analytics platform used by over four hundred of the fastest-growing online businesses in the world. With an intuitive user experience and blazing-fast time to value, RJMetrics helps online businesses of all sizes make smarter decisions about how to acquire customers and run their businesses. In Q4 2015, RJMetrics released its second product, RJMetrics Pipeline. This new product allows companies to access the data pipeline that powers RJMetrics CloudBI without being bound to its hardware or frontend. Thanks to RJMetrics Pipeline, it is now easier than ever to aggregate all of your company’s disparate data sources into an environment of your choice and then analyze that data with any analysis tool. Combined, these two products position RJMetrics to serve as a key part of every company’s journey to becoming truly data-driven.