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San Francisco, CA

Radius: The Next Generation of B2B Marketing 

 The world is rapidly digitizing. This is happening across many industries and functions, and B2B marketing is no exception. LinkedIn is the new business card; CRM is the new rolodex; Google Analytics is the new tear sheet.

This shift has led to the creation of a massive amount of customer, prospect, and campaign data, which has been captured and stored in business systems and third-party platforms. Unfortunately, much of this data has remained dormant because marketers either have not had access to it or have not known how to use it in the right way — until now.

Join us and learn how predictive analytics unlocks data and provides visibility into your best potential customers that you may currently be missing.  Darian will give insight into predictive technologies and strategies that marketers can apply today, and describe the paradigm shift these capabilities will bring to B2B marketing in the future.