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Parallel Domain

Bay Area, CA & Vancouver
Parallel Domain is the data platform that the world’s top AI companies use to generate synthetic data for training and testing their computer vision and perception systems. Our platform accelerates the data acquisition cycle by 100x – from months to days. We envision a future where every life on the planet is improved by the transition to safer and more equitable AI. To enable that future, we are on a mission to accelerate the development of machine perception with synthetic data. We are a growing company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2017, we have quickly assembled a world-class team that is changing the way the industry develops machine learning models. Our platform enables our customers to generate labeled sensor data at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional real-world data gathering and labeling. We exist so computer vision companies can focus on preparing their technology for the rigors of the real world. Our customers include Fortune 50 companies, the world’s leaving autonomous vehicle companies, and some of the biggest global auto manufacturers.