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Nova Credit

Palo Alto, CA
Nova Credit is solving the problem of immigrant financial access by building the world’s first cross-border consumer reporting agency. Today, immigrants can’t access credit because they lack a US credit history when they arrive to the US. As a result, they are locked out of the financial services sector and have to resort to expensive payday loan and expensive alternatives. Nova is solving this problem by enabling immigrants to transport their credit history from abroad to access better financial products. The company builds integrations with leading credit bureaus around the world and enables lenders access to global credit information through a single point of integration. In effect, Nova has built the credit infrastructure that makes financial identity both global and mobile. Nova is now live in Mexico, India and Europe and quickly expanding its global credit infrastructure. Nova is a social enterprise that is supported by the socially-minded private sector. The company was founded by a team of Stanford graduate students with extensive experience in finance and technology at Goldman Sachs, Apollo, Google[x], Bain, Adobe, and more.