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San Francisco, CA

NodeSource is the Node.js company. Customers include MasterCard, Condé Nast, GoPro, News Corp, Intel, Priceline, Intuit, PayPal, Qualcomm, Warner Brothers, Dow Jones, Fitbit, Uber, Credit Karma, NASA, and many, many more.  What is Node.js?  Node.js, or Node for short, is an application “engine” that enables developers to write server-side and network applications with JavaScript.   Node is the fastest growing open source project on Earth with nearly 7 million Node developers and doubling every year.  100% of the Fortune 500 uses Node.js and we are the commercial vendor serving their needs.  Node.js is the fastest growing application engine on every cloud provider including Amazon, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Node.js is also being used to create native desktop applications, power IoT devices, embedded devices such as TV sets and even runs on mobile phones.    Node.js is analogous to Java in 1995 and NodeSource is analogous to Sun Microsystems.  The pattern is the same.  NodeSource not only has the most core contributors to the open source project, including the project chairperson, but we also have two seats on the Board of the Node.js Foundation.  We have the most institutional knowledge of Node.js, period.  NodeSource is the only company with a commercial, enterprise-grade version of Node.js built for mission critical applications, N,Solid.  It has enhanced security capabilities as well turnkey monitoring and profiling capabilities unmatched by anyone else in the industry.