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Tuxedo Park, NY
LiveStuff, with over 3 million products, businesses, people, and places is a Personal Cloud and Connected Content ecosystem spun out of LiveTechnology. It has taken an antiquated Personal Cloud model of folders/files online and evolved it into Clouds of Connected Content. Consumers create and share clouds of the stuff they own, the stuff they love, and the stuff they have done, connected to Shared Content (a structured repository that is on track to surpass Wikipedia by August). Available to a closed beta group on web, mobile, as browser button for all browsers, Android & iOS apps, Roku TV, Samsung TVs and Android TV devices, usage includes: showcasing their favorite books, movies, TV shows, recipes, art, vehicles, wines, cocktails, plants, products, music, video, etc. Using private clouds to keep information connected to their important stuff – their family schedules, pet health timelines, property, equipment, etc. Accessing/updating content – adding manuals, accessories, advice, etc.