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Kapow Events

Chicago, IL
Kapow Events is an online marketplace for corporate events.  Corporate planners and professionals can quickly and easily come to Kapow to browse unique event ideas and book packages online.  We have event experts on our team who can provide recommendations, digital invitations and free photography, to help make the event completely seamless. There is no additional cost to the customer to book an event through our platform.  We have more than 1200 venue partners across the nation ranging from retail stores to high-end restaurants to one of a kind experiences. In 2014, we successfully launched offices in New York City, Dallas, Boston and Phoenix.  2015 will be no different as we launch in another 15 markets – 3 cities every 60 days.  We currently have teams in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Houston.  By year’s end, we will begin tapping into international markets.