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San Francisco,
Jiko creates a safer financial, more efficient future for all. Jiko is a fully modernized money storage and banking platform that’s a bank and broker-dealer founded and led by Wall Street veterans, quants and technologists on a mission to redefine banking. Jiko is the first solution that makes the benefits of T-Bills directly accessible and liquid to everyone – from the largest treasury functions to businesses and individuals. As a result, Americans can benefit from direct T-Bill ownership with instant liquidity for the first time. Jiko owns and operates an OCC-chartered national bank and is a regulated broker-dealer that provides 24/7 direct liquid trading of US Treasury Securities. Jiko built and operates its entire tech stack – from banking transactions to brokerage core positional ledgers, trading and risk management infrastructure, payment rails (wires, cards and ACH processing), to rigorous compliance and automated operational processes. Jiko’s money storage solution is embeddable in banking and treasury solutions – or simply and easily accessed through the Jiko app. Jiko Group’s 70+ team works from global offices in the USA, Iceland and Asia, backed by world-class investors, including Upfront Ventures, NYCA, Radicle Impact, RRW, AVP and BPI France.