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Great Dane

Redwood City, CA
Great Dane is creating the next generation converged virtual platform for running containerized applications directly on x86 or cloud. Leveraging Linux Containers and Docker, Great Dane will allow applications to run in a self contained portable and highly available environment without the need for virtualized machines. This allows applications to be more agile and portable while reducing physical server infrastructure by as much as a factor of 10x. Great Dane addresses the IT agility and app management problem for the operations teams. At the heart of Great Dane is a container specific storage, network and cluster-management solution for applications that use Docker and LXC. Great Dane natively provides persistent scaleout storage for stateful services and ephemeral fast storage for bursty short lived applications. It also provides container granular visibility, monitoring and management with a scalable GUI and visualization tool. This allows for your SoA applications that depend on a VM-Centric ecosystem for their runtime infrastructure, to now be able to run and scale in a container defined environment. You can run your data center and manage your applications like Google does. In short, Linux containers are obsoleting VMWare in the long term. In this day and age you do not need a VM to run and package an application. A VM should only be used for machine abstraction and not as an application management system. Tools like Docker provide a viable packaging alternative and Great Dane provides the storage infrastructure around it. Great Dane is downloadable software and comes complete with a Docker run time, scheduling software and built in container specific storage and network It can run as an AMI in EC2, or on premises on your bare metal servers.