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San Mateo, CA
Gr4vy is a cloud-native payments infrastructure platform that is reimagining payment orchestration. Our team includes pioneers and payment experts from Adyen, Braintree, Cybersource, Google, Paypal, Recurly, Spreedly, Yoyo Wallet with a deep understanding of the payment pain-points facing merchants.Our single-tenant cloud infrastructure reduces the points of failure ensuring that the merchant never loses a transaction. We give each merchant at least one instance of Gr4vy in the cloud so they don’t share Gr4vy infrastructure or server loads with other Gr4vy clients. Our service agnostic and universal nature of capabilities across PCI-level 1 payment credential vaulting, 3D Secure, tokenization, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more ensures that merchants have flexibility across their payments stack.Our no-code infrastructure enables merchants to orchestrate payments and risk management services across multiple providers — making it easy to deploy, test and learn what services work best for their business. Our transparent usage-based pricing ensures merchants only pay for infrastructure capability that they use — moving away from transaction based pricing, and enabling a flexible and scalable solution. At Gr4vy, our goal is to take the complexity out of running your own payments infrastructure, and our vision is to become your payments team in the cloud.