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San Francisco, CA
enSilo is a one-stop-shop effective endpoint protection platform. While other approaches are focused on detecting potential active threats and accelerating the incident response time, enSilo’s unique platform enables real-time post-infection protection by preventing the theft or ransom of critical data even though the endpoint is compromised. enSilo enables organizations to continue running their business operations securely and without interruption, even during investigation and remediation of attacks. enSilo’s platform holds in store an effective post-infection-protection solution, namely real time data protection, along with a certified pre-infection sanitization solution (aka NG-AV).  The idea behind layering pre-infection sanitization engine and a post-infection-protection engine into a single preventative first and last line of defense is that everything missed by the pre-infection solution could be later prevented in real-time post-infection protection technologies. enSilo’s platform also enables application communication discovery and control which allows to better control environments and reduce the attack surface. enSilo requires no prior knowledge or configuration of users or data.