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Convoy Technologies

Newport Beach, CA
Convoy Technologies is a leader in commercial fleet safety, security and productivity. Our solutions keep drivers and people in our communities safe, allow managers to observe and improve employee accountability real-time, monitor valuable cargo, help train drivers and mitigate risk. Convoy’s solutions solve these problems: > Driver productivity, efficiency, safety and security > Identify the real assignment of fault in any accident > Cargo theft deterrence, identity and prosecution > Improve fleet operations, maintenance and training with video playback and analytics Convoy’s VideoMatics software combined with our line of rugged patent pending wired and wireless cameras, durable touch-screen monitors and DVRs, delivers the industry’s first real-time monitoring live video, gps analytics and audio feed to fleet managers accessible via PC, iPhone or iPad. It also provides driver/vehicle event notification as it happens (e.g., excessive speed or breaking, collision, idle time).