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Sunnyvale, California
Cloudbrink brings the industry’s first high-performance zero-trust access to the modern hybrid workforce anywhere in the world. The company uses AI and ML to provide edge-native service to accelerate performance for VDI, cloud, SaaS, and data center applications. The massive shift to Hybrid Work is the single most profound trend in today’s enterprise! The Cloudbrink Service instantly transforms any home Internet or cellular connection to deliver business-grade in-office performance with a convergence of personal SD-WAN, high-performance ZTNA, and moving target defense security. Designed for the hybrid workforce, Cloudbrink’s Service builds on an AI-driven protocol and a FAST edge of 100’s of POPs that instantly transforms any user’s internet or cellular connection into a secure business-grade in-office performance with robust reliability. With the ability to use thousands of dynamic PoPs called FAST edges, Cloudbrink provides an in-office experience with an up to 30x increase in application performance.  This powerful experience for users comes with reduced operational complexity for network, security, and IT administrators. Cloudbrink is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is led by a team with decades of combined expertise in last-mile network connectivity, security, and distributed systems.