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New York, NY
Celonis in a nutshell In 2011, Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher and Martin Klenk discovered a massive problem in the way businesses are executing their core business processes. This ah-ha moment happened when the three founders realized that the primary problem in business execution is not fixing the process problems that you know you have, it’s finding and fixing the hidden process execution problems that you don’t know you have. A 2021 benchmarking research report from Celonis illustrates many common process problems discovered by process mining. The research revealed the impact of these issues on average for a $5 billion enterprise company:- 73% of invoices require manual intervention to process, amounting to $41 million in additional operating costs.- 56% of customer orders require manual intervention to fulfill, amounting to $64 million in unnecessary expenditure.- 54% of supplier deliveries are delayed, amounting to $396 million in costs.- 1.5% of invoices are paid twice, amounting to an average $172 million in wasted capital. Over time these types of problems add up to millions and even billions in cost-savings opportunities for even the best-run businesses. These hidden process inefficiencies exist in literally every department, in every business, and in every industry. And due to the complexity and rigidity of the underlying ERP, SCM, and CRM systems, these problems are extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to find using traditional approaches.In response to this problem, Celonis pioneered process mining and its execution management system to modernize process optimization. The Celonis system uses data, intelligence and automated actions to find and fix process problems hiding inside of enterprise systems. Companies that use Celonis can shrink the time it takes to find a process problem from years to hours. And, once discovered, Celonis helps customers automatically fix process problems without having to touch the underlying ERP, SCM or CRM system. Celonis momentum has also created a huge shift in the entire process ecosystem. Celonis has built strategic partnerships with more than 250 consulting and technology partners including IBM, Accenture, PWC, KPMG and ServiceNow. These companies are using Celonis both internally and embedded within their own service and technology offerings. The Celonis for Consulting program launched in April 2021 and has enlisted more than 10,000 consultants and 2,000 consulting firms and created more than 2,000 Celonis projects and continues to expand. Additionally, there are 600+ academic partners and over 100,000 certified Celonis practitioners graduating from the Celonis Academic Alliance program.Celonis has also expanded its capabilities and market impact from a number of strategic acquisitions including Integromat (now Make), Lenses.io, and Process Analytics Factory. Celonis has been named the market leader by Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Everest Group, Nelson Hall and HFS. Celonis has also been ranked as one of the top companies in the annual Forbes Cloud 100 list.MRI Analogy While Process Mining was like an X-ray machine for processes, Execution Management goes a step further: It provides multi-dimensional perspectives on interconnected processes – including all related business factors and dependencies. In this way, Execution Management is a process MRI. Because it also offers the ability to execute and automation actions, based on intelligent insights, Execution Management also serves as the remedial therapy. Celonis Execution Management SystemCelonis launched the Execution Management category in October 2020. Powered by Celonis’ market-leading process mining technology, the Celonis Execution Management System connects to an organization’s data and provides the intelligence to understand what to fix first, and the right actions to take to remove the inefficiencies silently killing performance. By integrating real-time data, process intelligence and targeted actions, the EMS enables customers to deliver ROI and value in days and weeks rather than months, and to unlock billions in corporate inefficiencies – providing better employee and customer experiences, and reducing carbon emissions. And, as of November 2022, the new Celonis Process Sphere introduces powerful new capabilities that incorporate the full scope of all business factors into process analysis, diagnosis, and remediation. Now customers can see both the process-bones of the famous Celonis X-ray and all of the interrelated process-MRI elements that give the full business perspective for problems and opportunities. This is a breakthrough added to the Celonis EMS that connects the previously “unconnected” and understands the real-world relationships between business objects. For instance, Celonis customers can now connect their end-to-end supply chains and understand the complex relationships between objects such as orders, requisitions, invoices, and shipments. This enables them to not only identify that they have been paying suppliers late, but to also see for the first time how this inefficiency has metastasized to other parts of the business, even impacting customers.