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Torrance, CA
Canoo is a Los Angeles based company creating and offering unique electric vehicles (EV) for subscription only. Canoo’s first vehicle will launch in 2021 and was designed for a world in which transportation is becoming increasingly electric, shared and autonomous. Canoo is challenging the traditional way of building, offering and using vehicles based on a threefold approach: A new business model that focuses on reducing production and infrastructure costs to make EVs more affordable to customers. A bold design capitalizing on the space EV technology affords, catering to the needs of today’s consumers. A subscription model that puts an end to ownership, providing a hassle- and commitment free car experience in modern cities. Founded in December 2017 by a group of experienced automotive engineers and executives, the Canoo team has since been complimented by various experts from successful tech and car companies. Today, Canoo has grown to around 300+ employees – covering the entire value chain, bringing together a unique EV with a unique business model for a unique user experience. For more information, please visit canoo.com and follow us at @canoo on Instagram & Twitter.