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Boll & Branch

Chatham, NJ
Boll & Branch is a leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce 2.0 luxury bedding and linen retailer with a disruptive, cost effective and scalable business model that provides quality products at affordable prices. The Company is redefining the bedding industry through supply chain transparency & optimization, providing economic opportunity for +100 farmers and +250 million workers who dedicate their lives to the cultivation and manufacturing of cotton textiles while cutting out the unnecessary costs and middle men that often lead to outsized markups and compromised quality. As the largest trader of Fair Trade Certified cotton, the Company focuses on social responsibility through its ethically made, sustainably sourced offerings. The company has grown from revenue of $2M in 2014 to a projected $50M in 2017P and is experiencing strong growth in 2018. Boll & Branch customers include President Clinton, both Bush presidents, Christina Aguilera and Alyssa Milano. The Company also supplies select hotels and spas with their textiles.