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Mountain View, CA
Aerospike was founded to push the limits of modern processors, storage technologies and distributed systems. Aerospike founders wanted to make scaling easy for all developers, not just the few who worked at companies with deep enough pockets to build their own. They did what they set out to do. They built the fastest, most reliable database in the world. The first database optimized for flash (patent pending) with a hybrid RAM/flash storage architecture. The first NoSQL database to combine transactions with hot analytics (patent for indexed map reduce) and the first in-memory NoSQL ACID database with strong consistency (ACID Compliant). Aerospike has run non-stop in production for almost 4 years. It is the gold standard for the most demanding applications – real-time bidding platforms (RTB) and data management platforms (DMP) in ad-tech – the foundation for one-to-one digital marketing across the entire Internet.