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Honolulu, HI
AbsoluteClimo is a Hawaiian based climate corporation specializing as a world leader in business to business climate forecasting and risk management. AbsoluteClimo created G๏TCHA, a proprietary breakthrough global prediction model forecasting climate worldwide at 25km resolution. G๏TCHA is based on a new forecasting method and technology invented by AbsoluteClimo, representing a paradigm shift in climate prediction. Incumbent climate prediction models are unusable by enterprise because they are conceptually similar to an old modeling paradigm currently applied to modern weather forecasts, which is proven to fail in less than 30 days. As a world first, G๏TCHA shifts the paradigm by skillfully forecasting climate up to 30 months into the future, and by directly expressing the confidence of its forecasts. This opens up new market opportunities and frontiers in enterprise risk management to confidently plan on time scales of monthly, seasonally, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and beyond. G๏TCHA holistically incorporates Earth’s land, oceans, ice and atmosphere; forecasting the climatologies and confidence of temperature, precipitation, winds, sky (sunshine and clouds), tornadoes, hail, floods, droughts, lightning, hurricanes, ocean waves, river flows and more. AbsoluteClimo targets market sectors with economic risk exposure or sensitivity to climate variability: energy, industry (construction, water, and retail), financial services (hedge funds, trading, insurance and reinsurance), transportation (air, water, land), public services (health and hazards) and agriculture. AbsoluteClimo also specializes in hurricane and typhoon preferred tracks, risk locations to help the insurance and reinsurance industry assign appropriate risk to their portfolios.