How do you teach AI the value of trust?

By Keith Strier and Cathy Cobey, EY As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning proliferates, AI technologies are rapidly outpacing the organizational governance and controls that guide their use. External regulators simply can’t keep up, and enterprises are grappling with increasing demands to demonstrate sound and transparent controls that can evolve as … Read more

How to embrace AI responsibly and make it inclusive

By Jeff Wong, Global Chief Innovation Officer, EY It’s no surprise that emerging technology continues to transform organizations and entire industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) is equipping workforces with super powers, helping to cure diseases and pushing the boundaries of space exploration. At EY, AI is allowing our people to complete tasks faster and more accurately than … Read more

Private Company Secondary Market 2018 Retrospective: Private company sponsored liquidity programs are thriving

By Nasdaq Private Market team February 2019 Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) experienced record-setting growth in 2018, proving that private company secondary activity is not only commonplace — it is thriving. Annual transaction value almost quadrupled year over year to $12 billion. For the first time, private company tender offers involving a third party purchaser outpaced … Read more