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March 5th & 6th, 2024

The Montgomery Summit presented by March Capital is one of the nation’s premier technology conferences, drawing highly accomplished entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology to Santa Monica.

Join us for elite keynote speakers, dynamic entrepreneurs, intimate discussions, serendipitous interactions, a reception at the iconic Getty Villa, and hospitality that have made The Summit a world-class event. The Montgomery Summit is one event you won’t want to miss! 


Opens September 18, 2023

The Montgomery Summit 2024

presented by March Capital

Innovation, Technology, and Capital: A Global Community of Innovators and Leaders

Limited In-Person Attendance

To allow for increased exclusivity we will limit the number of
in-person attendees.

Global Networking

Connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from across the globe.

World Class Content

Curated, small group forums to facilitate open discussion amongst Summit attendees.

Industry Tracks

Highlighting CEOs of carefully vetted, private growth companies in a lively moderated discussion.

Dynamic Keynote Speakers

Discover what inspires internationally prominent innovators, thought leaders, and industry titans.

One-On-One Meetings

Conduct business with top-level industry executives and investors over our networking platform.

Summit Overview

A quick glance at what to expect at the Summit

Focus on doing things that are memorable, as opposed to how you want people to remember you.

John W. Thompson

Chairman Microsoft Corporation

2017 Summit Keynote Speaker
“Focus on doing things that are memorable, as opposed to how you want people to remember you.”
- John W. Thompson, Former Chairman, Microsoft Corporation 2017 Summit Keynote Speaker
“The Montgomery Summit has created a community, and the people who keep coming back are the people you can trust… when you create a community like this, it facilitates the trust which underlies everything in an innovation economy.”
- Rich Karlgaard, Editor At Large & Global Futurist, Forbes Media
“The major benefit here is that due to its intimate nature, the Summit is hyper focused on building and fostering new business relationships with a curated group of leaders in the tech space.”
- Montgomery Summit Attendee
"I really like your formula – big enough to do a lot of chance networking and draw some great folks, but small enough to really connect and get into discussions."
- Montgomery Summit Attendee
“If you’re looking for capital and a great intimate experience in terms of networking, I highly recommend you come to The Montgomery Summit.”
- Montgomery Summit Attendee
"The Montgomery Summit seems less like a conference and more like a get together for some of businesses’ brightest minds. Most conferences don’t offer one-on-one meetings with top-level executives from across the business world, but The Montgomery Summit isn’t most conferences."
- Entrepreneur Magazine

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